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New wheels

4 Jan

Yesterday we drove down to Dorset to take delivery of our new car and trailer. Well, new to us as the car is a 20 years old Fiat Tempra Estate with a 1.9 litre Diesel engine. The trailer is in good condition with a loading ramp and four wheels on two axles.

I drove it back in dry but overcast conditions with Trish and Nettles following in the Citroen. It seems to be doing about 50 mpg; not bad for a car that has done nearly a quarter of a million miles! To be honest, we paid £100 oir it, which means the trailer behind it cost six times the price of the car! But now we have the means to transport all manner of stuff when we are in France. We reckon we have more than enough scrap metal at the Peace Factory which we can sell and show a brilliant return on our investment.

I’ll post a photo of the new wheels when I can find enough light for a good shot.