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Not another bl**dy garden centre!

27 Jun

Those who know me, understand that gardening is very low on my list of interests! For example, on a scale if 1 to 10, where 1 is Hate It and 10 is Love It, sailing is 10 and Gardening is – 50!

So my heart sinks when Mrs R says “I need something for the garden”. This time it’s to B&Q where we buy a hole for the garden. A hole for the garden? Yes, this is a big plastic spike that screws into the ground, to support a rotary dryer. Very clever – coarse threaded screw, with a tommy bar (throw away after use) and it even has a tiny spirit level to make sure it’s screwed in vertically (I can predict that won’t make much difference)! All for £14!

I get so grumpy when I’m forced round DIY and Garden Centres that I’m thinking I ought to go and see a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist! There must be something wrong with me. And it upsets Mrs R when i am like that, which is never a good idea.

The young lady serving us looked quite hurt when I told her I hated coming to B&Q. She said she couldn’t understand why anybody would say that! I forget to tell her that I once had a meeting with David Quayle, the Q in B&Q!

Anyway we’ve now got a rotary dryer ‘hole for the ground’ thingy. The laugh is, I’m pretty sure that rotary dryers are not sold in France!!

We made it across the Channel

20 Jun

Day 2 of our holiday saw us driving through blinding rain up to Paris, picking up two young German hitchhikers on the way. Around Paris was very slow and the temp was 32 C. We dropped them off near Arras and Trish drove skilfully and quite fast to Calais, to arrive 10 minutes before our check-in time.