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Rodents in the loft!

17 Dec

We came home one Sunday evening recently, to find water was dripping from the ceiling in the corridor. We got out the stepladder and opened up the hatch to the loft to have a look.

We found the insulation was quite wet but we couldn’t find the source of the leak without getting into the loft, which was impossible for us as the ladders were too short and the hatch opening quite small.

I shut off the water at the mains tap and the dripping stopped, eventually. What to do now? We needed a plumber but that would be expensive on a Sunday night. I know! I’ll call the company who collects our rent and manages the property! Only they are only open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and no emergency number is provided.

So I knocked on the door of our neighbour across the street. “Do you know if there is a plumber living in our village?”. “Yes, I’m a retired plumber!”. Result!

He came over and quickly diagnosed the problem. He want back to his home a couple of times to get tools. He cut out the bit of pipe that was leaking, and joined up the two ends. Perfect.

The damaged pipe

Now we have put a humane rat trap into the loft. Let’s hope it works!

The damaged ceiling

We’ve ordered the new wash basin for our bathroom

11 May

We’ve just ordered the washbasin for our toilet from the DIY shed in Carcassonne called Weldom. It was on special offer – washbasin, cupboard and mirror all for €109. It’s such a good bargain that they’ve run out of stock.

20130511-140227.jpg. The taps and sink plug are extra and we will chose those when we go to collect the unit.

Then we will call Phil our plumber to fit it and the new toilet which he’s purchased for us.

Phil was here on Tuesday to sort out the showers in our apartment. The drains had been smelling a bit! He found that neither shower had U-bends. The French system is to fit a water trap in the outlet pipe, accessible from the shower (so it can be cleaned). One shower had none and the other had a hole in it! No wonder they whiffed!

20130511-152640.jpg Everything smells sweet now!