About Richard & Trish Romain

This is a blog about Richard & Trish in France.

Richard & Trish moved to France at the end of January 2013. Since then they have lived in Montolieu which is a small village about 15 kms from Carcassonne, in the Occitanie Region of south-west France.

At the end of October 2021 they moved to Leuc, a village of a similar size, which is located 10 kms south of Carcassonne.

They live there with their dogs – Nettles, a Collie cross Whippet and Socks, a Portuguese Podengo. Plus three red hens.

This is a rural area, with the town of Carcassonne having a population of 40,000. The department of the Aude has a population of about 338,000 with about 3,000 of them British.

The climate here is Mediterranean without being too hot in the summer.

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