Hard work when it’s hot

19 Jul

Since April Trish and I have been working with groups of lovely people here at the Old Tannery. As you probably know, from previous newsletters or via postings on Facebook,  we are building a reed based sewage treatment system. Here is a shot of it, nearly completed:

IMG_0082 Now we are busy planting. There are eight different types of plant required. In the first bed, which is divided in two, we are planting 220 reeds. The second bed, which is set into the ground, will contain seven different types of plant. All are designed to treat the sewage in an environmentally friendly way, discharging just clear water into the river.

IMG_0090 Here is Trish busy with the planting. For those of you familiar with gardening in the UK’s modest climate, it is hard to imagine what it is like to work out in the open when the temperature is 40C in the shade! It’s really hot and soon saps your energy. Rehydration is really important. But the plants can’t wait for a cool day otherwise they’ll die. So all credit to Trish for her hard work out there!

So now the job is nearly completed. The designer of the system is visiting us next week, to inspect what we’ve done. If he agrees, then we call in the local authority who should give us the necessary approval for the work.

It’s a great feeling to know that from now on all our waste water and sewage will be properly treated. And even more satisfying knowing that most of the work was carried out by volunteers.

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