It’s quite warm out here

22 Jul

After a rainy Spring, we now have a heatwave. Since the beginning of June the temperature has been between 25 and 38 C during the day. We’ve had no rain for weeks now and the river alongside our place has very little water flowing in it. 

So far, my veg plot has survived.  

 Here is some of the produce.  

 On another note, I’ve completed my transfer to France by gaining my Carte Vitale or health card. With this I can access the French health system. I had my first blood test here. A bit different from the UK system. My doctor (the charming Dr Pigois) gave me a prescription which I took to the laboratory in Carcasdonne- no appointment required. Very well equipped and no wait. They took my blood and two days later the results were in my hands (along with an invoice for the proportion that’s not covered by the health card).  This is interesting as people know how much their healthcare costs. In my case €75 for a full blood test. The state paid 70% and I paid the rest. We are in the process of getting a Mutuelle (top up insurance) which will pay the rest on future.   

 Then I applied for and received my French driving licence. It comes with 12 points on it! 
 The penalty points system here is the opposite of the UK system. You lose points and when you get down to zero you get an automatic ban. 

My next bureaucratic  project is to register our trailer because here in France they need to be registered separately! Wish me luck!

Then I’m off to investigate composting toilets! 


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