The chickens are delivering

15 Sep

We received our three Rhode Island Reds in July. They came from a farm in Normandy and were delivered by a specialist courier. The chicken house had been ready for nearly a year, having been made by a volunteer out of recycled material.IMG_1063.JPGThey needed a little time to recover from their journey but were soon clucking away in their new pen.

IMG_4783.JPGWe all waited expectantly for eggs to be laid. They had been sold as “point of lay” chickens and were about 20 weeks old. But August came and still no eggs! One of the people attending a course here had a farm with 600 chickens. She approved of our chicken house and said that hens often did not lay after a long journey, nor when it was hot. The daytime temperature in August was 36C! Then, one day, an egg appeared in the laying box! We were delighted. And so was the hen, who made an extraordinary clacking sound. We now know this is entirely normal and have got used to it.

IMG_4906.JPGWe are now getting three fresh eggs a day. There’s nothing better than eating fresh organic eggs (although they are better after they have been stored in the fridge a few days). It’s great fun keeping chickens. We let them out each morning, refill their water and food containers and collect any eggs. We also feed them scraps from the kitchen (they love tomato and melon).


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