It’s nice to be beside the seaside

16 Apr

Our nearest beaches are at Narbonne which is about an hour’s drive from us. Narbonne itself is a little inland and is connected to the Canal du Midi by the Canal du Robine which runs through the centre of the town.

The beaches are about 15 km further south and vary in quality from excellent to just like Blackpool!

Yesterday I took the four volunteers (Damien, Remi, Carmino and Erica) to the beach for the day. The weather was perfect: a balmy 28 deg C with hardly a cloud in the sky.

20140416-033837.jpg One of them went paddling (it was still a little cool for swimming)!

20140416-033945.jpg. Then we went for lunch. Typical for this region, fish and shellfish featured rather heavily, especially appropriate as most of the team eat vegetarian food.

20140416-034152.jpg. After lunch (I.e. two hours later!) we drove to the town and the team walked around for a couple of hours whilst I caught up with my work emails. I wonder what the recipients’ reactions would be if they realised I was working from my car parked in an old town in the south of France!

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