Life in France

31 Mar

Am I the first Temple-Heald to vote in a French election?


These are my voting papers.

After registering to vote in January, we had a visit from the deputy Mayor two weeks ago who came to deliver our voting cards and a list of candidates for us to chose from. This was one of two lists produced which we had to chose our council from. We are allowed to chose a total of 15 people from both lists combined as they are not separated into political parties. So off we went to the village hall to place our votes.

Walking into the village we were greeted by most people in the traditional way by a nod and a ‘bonjour Monsieur damme’. A few stopped us to ask about Nettles. They certainly are dog lovers here!

In the hall we had to cross off the names on each list of the people who we did NOT want to vote for. Then we placed both lists into an envelope and took it with our voting cards and passports to the table where our names were checked against the electoral register and asked to place our envelope into the box. We then had to sign the voters list while the receiving officer said Voté. This was our second vote as the first vote which we made last weekend did not provide a clear win for some of the candidates. So the list this week was whittled down to ten people to chose five from. This meant that ten people were chosen the first week by majority votes and the remaining five had to be voted on again this weekend. Now that all fifteen people have been chosen they will elect the village Mayor who will be in post for the next five years.


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