Making great progress here at The Peace Factory

8 Mar

The winter seems to have given up the battle and spring now seems to have arrived. We notices the first blossom on the trees in mid-February. Now green things are shooting up all over the place: guess who’s writing this!


Caterpillar Nests

Now one thing I do know is that the funny looking nests in this photograph of a pine tree near us can cause a lot of grief to animals and humans alike. They are caterpillar nests and if disturbed they shoot out poisonous needles. You don’t see a lot of those in Mote Park, Maidstone!

The team of volunteers have been working hard over the winter months. Thanks mainly to Andrea from Italy most of the old tress that were blocking the sunlight on the three terraces have been cut down. Now we have a lot of firewood for the barbecue pit. To assist in the logging operation we invested in an electric chainsaw which has certainly earned its keep so far.

The team has also been painting like mad, taking full advantage of the dry weather. All the garage doors have been done, as has the gate and the railings to the Old House.

New electric chainsaw

New electric chainsaw

Andrea doing his woodman work

Andrea doing his woodman work

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