One Year On

12 Feb

It doesn’t seem like we have been here for one full year! We have achieved so much in this time. With the help of around 30 volunteers throughout the year we have: built a garden bench, a henhouse, a compost station, a set of concrete steps, rebuilt the volunteers terrace. Given the front garden a make over and prepared it for planting all our vegetables for this year. Many are being grown from seed in our greenhouse. !

20140211-224834.jpgWe have also cleared the area next to the river to begin the turbine project.

20140211-225218.jpgWhen the weather has been bad we have been able to get the inside of the factory cleaned, including 16 large windows, each consisting of 15 small panes of glass, 175 in all. The terraces have also been cleared ready for flower gardens.

We have also bought most of the furniture we need for our apartment we just need to repaint the walls and sit back and enjoy it

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