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Christmas at our place in France

29 Dec

Christmas in France is a bit different to what we are used to. For a start, many people here have their main Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, before going to Church. But some people have their main meal on Christmas Day and some have two main meals! Boxing Day does not exist and the day after Christmas Day is a normal working day, although many people take a holiday from work.

The shops are not quite as manic as ours are before the big day. There does not seem to be the commercial pressure to buy up everything in sight! To be fair, we don’t look at French television so we have no idea of the advertising pressures but the shops are quite restrained in their approach. You see the occasional Father Christmas!

The decorations in the street are restrained and quite nice. Each town or village has their own display put up by the local mayor’s department. There is absolutely no sign of Christmas lights on peoples’ homes, something we found to be pretty ghastly in our old area.


This is our artificial tree and real cut flowers

I must say we have enjoyed sharing this time with people from France, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. An international gathering of people, sharing food, drink and each other’s company. We have learned a lot about other countries’ customs at Christmas.

Tonight a four day NVC course starts, attended by 12 people. Holding a course at t he end of the year is quite popular, mainly because no other trainer is offering to run courses then!