Looking forward to December but a lot of driving required

13 Nov

We have decided to come by car for our visit to the UK in December. We looked at flying with Ryanair and hiring a car but the cost, amazingly, was within €3 of the land/sea route. So ferry it is! I love travelling on P&O ferries; they make you feel as though you are a valued customer. I also love eating in the Brasserie on the new ships – table cloths and napkins and all! Oh, and the food Is quite nice and the view is always changing (if you are a sailor – for the rest of you it’s just water)!

It takes 10 hours to drive from Montolieu to Calais, a distance of 1,000 kms or 650 miles. On French motorways you can drive at 130 kph (if it’s not raining when the limit drops to 110 kph). If you keep an eye out for radar traps then you can nudge that up a tad! We take turns at the wheel, changing every two hours. We stop at favourite Aires, to get coffee and chocolate and to give the dog a run. Normally thee is little traffic after leaving the Toluouse area, until we get near Paris. We have to work out the rota carefully as Trish just does not like driving around Paris. Sometimes we go west around and up the coast. Other times we go east around and then up the main A1 past Charles de Gaulle airport. Depends on what the signs on the motorway say, and the time of day.

So we will be leaving the Peace Factory very early on Wednesday 4th December, to catch the 1955 ferry at Calais. We have to arrive about an hour earlier, to check the dog in. Last time I went by car, I had an Australian friend with me; it took four times as long to get her past the UK Borders Agency control than it does the dog!

We will be staying in Sussex and in Kent. I have the last of my four long visits to the Dentist, as well as a client meeting all day one day, and two dinners to attend. Apart from that, our time is our own. Sadly we won’t have time to visit Trish’s relatives in Manchester as we want to get back before the Christmas exodus starts and we can’t leave any earlier as a new volunteer is arriving on 1st December.

Talking of volunteers, here are some photographs of some of the volunteers who have helped us this year.






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