Nearly back to full health!

1 Nov

It’s been a tough month but I’m pleased to say that I’m nearly back to full health! The bruising from my fall has gone and the pain in my side is nearly gone – I can lie on my side in bed for some of the time. As I was recovering from this, I caught a chest infection and I can assure you that coughing with a damaged chest is very, very painful. The chest infection is nearly gone (no antibiotics this time – hooray)!

Then the ear doctor wrote to me to tell me that my brain and ear CT scan was perfectly normal. Then the Bariatric clinic discharged me (three years after the op, after having lost a total of 55 kgs or 121 lbs or 8 stones 9 lbs). Then the rheumatologist discharged me into the care of my GP. So it’s going the right way.

This leaves two more visits to the dentist to fix my teeth (two extractions and five fillings so far). The last time, one of my teeth (that he didn’t touch) became infected and I had my first experience of a French dentist. I phoned on the way home from the UK and was given an appointment later that day! I sat in their waiting room for about 15 minutes and then I was seen. He diagnosed a tooth infection and prescribed me some antibiotics, some powerful pain killers and a mouth wash. He apologised that the pain would not probably subside until the next day (he was correct). I then drove by our local pharmacy and started the treatment. The pain went the next day and now my teeth are all OK. Total cost? €23 for the dentist and €10 for the drugs. Magic!

Now we’ve been back here several weeks, it is nice to get back into a slower rhythm of working. One of the nice things of living here is the interaction with the volunteers. One of our long term volunteers is Damien. He’s very nice and speaks reasonable English and is more than happy to help me improve my French. He works a lot in the garden. Here are some photos of his work.


20131101-210827.jpgDamien is also a pyromaniac!

20131101-210923.jpgThe spirit of cooperation is good here. Damien purchased a Mobylette recently and we helped him go and inspect it. Here he is on his new wheels!


One Response to “Nearly back to full health!”

  1. Jill Luckhurst 19 February 2014 at 20:34 #

    What a lovely website good to see you have been working very hard and by the look of you all totally chilled retirement suits you ! Bet you have never been so busy but contented keep in touch Jill x

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