Organic manure – easy to find – hard to collect

3 Sep

We need organic manure otherwise the size and quantity of the vegetables from the garden won’t support our growing community.

Sylvain researched two farms who had organic herds and both agreed to let us have some organic manure. So off we set on the Fiat, towing the trailer. Trish, Richard, Nadege & Alex made up the team.

After over an hour’s drive we arrived in a tiny village where we were directed up a steep hill to a field containing several large piles of extremely good looking manure. The pile furthest from the gate was the oldest.

But how to get it to the trailer? The road was too rutted to reverse down, so we borrowed a wheelbarrow and filled the trailer.

20130903-224128.jpg. Everyone did their bit. 20130903-224205.jpgThis is Alex20130903-224221.jpgThis is Nadege

After filling the trailer, we gingerly drove back to Montolieu! Then we had great fun chucking the manure over the wall!

20130903-224536.jpgThe next step is to get more manure from the other farmer. Then it will be spread over the new vegetable beds, which will then be ready for planting.

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