It’s been very busy here at The Peace Factory

16 Aug

The first two weeks in August were extremely busy here. Louise hosted the European Intensive Course on NVC, and there were over 30 people attending. There were visitors from Finland, Holland, Germany, Czech, Slovenia, France, Britain, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand, as far as we can remember!

Some stayed in the camp site in Montolieu; two camped in the garden; some occupied the Little House; Irmtraud (one of the six trainers) used our spare bedroom; and Louise, Wendy and Peach slept upstairs in Louise’s part completed apartment. The rest had B&B accommodation in one of two local establishments.

Our kitchen was given over to Wendy and Peach who did the catering. Each morning they and a team of paid attendees prepared the lunch. This involved seemingly enormous quantities of vegetables (the food was vegetarian only). Each day there had to be a major shopping expedition which almost completely filled the boot of the car.


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