The story of the overloaded trailer

10 Jul

After a three week break in the UK, we returned to The Peace Factory on Sunday. We wondered what had been going on whilst we’d been away! A lot, as it happens.

A volunteer had demolished a couple of walls on the second floor. He’d removed the rubble, a bucket at a time, in the lift and had loaded it into 1.5 tonne ‘big bags’ until they were full. On the trailer. Until the trailer was full!

So now we had about 6 tonnes of rubble on a trailer with a gross weight of 1,500 kgs! Being towed by a Fiat Tempra!

So we had to remove at least two thirds of the rubble by hand.

20130710-223939.jpg Here’s me falling over after attempting to pull half a tonne of rubble down the ramp!

And when we eventually got to the council dump, three of us had to move the rubble by hand. I wore out a new pair of gloves and it took over an hour!

A lesson learnt? I hope so. Closer volunteer supervision required! At least we now know that making Trish responsible for the volunteers is a good idea – except when she goes on holiday!

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