Picnic in the rain (how British)!

3 Jun

Despite the clouds gathering over the Black Mountain, we decided to go for a Sunday drive and to take a picnic.

With our wicker basket packed with bread, butter, chicken, ham and a salad (all organic) we set off in our 20 year old Fiat Tempra Estate.

We climbed up the long road heading north. Through the village of St Denis and on up to Fontiers-Cabardes. We found a track leading to a large forest and when we found a clearing, we stopped for lunch, under some dripping trees!

20130603-035155.jpg After our picnic, sitting under the shelter of the car’s tailgate, we decided to take a drive. A bit dodgy as we didn’t have a map with us! To cut a long story short we travelled right over the top of the Black Mountain, round the other side and returned via Castres, Revel and Saissac. Well at least we did the traditional Sunday afternoon drive!

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