Lots achieved at The Peace Factory this week

27 Apr

We made a lot of progress this week and thanks to Jeremy McLaughlin (our friend from England) who came out to help.

The security light outside the factory front door now works! It was the bulb that needed replacing – not easy as it’s about 20 feet up the wall. The first set of extending ladders we used were made of wood and were deemed too wobbly for the task. Richard remembered seeing an aluminium pair in the basement of the old factory. We carted them up from there (no easy task) but they did the job!

We then purchased the wood required to build a work surface for the kitchen which Jeremy fitted.


Trish asked for the large mirror we’d brought from Kent to be fixed to the wall. No easier said than done! We were on a roll!

Next job was to set up the Bokashi food composting system. This digests cooked and raw food, producing a liquid as well composted waste for use on the garden. At the same Trish has cleared two more beds in the garden and is about to plant tomatoes, onions and carrots.

Now we are doing the ironing!


One Response to “Lots achieved at The Peace Factory this week”

  1. Ann 16 May 2013 at 12:16 #

    Trish I am shocked are you feeling ok, must be all that fresh air,ironing? Annxx

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