Sunday lunch in Sete

22 Apr

We went to Sete on Sunday, to show our friend Jeremy the Mediterranean. It was a nice day, warm and dry with a few clouds in the sky. We wandered past several restaurants on the quayside, inspecting the menus (as the French do) until we found one we liked.

We sat outside and ate a typical local dish of mussels and fish, followed by desert and coffee. Lovely grub! And nice company. We also chatted to the waiters of this family run business. They complimented us on our French and said they appreciated the English who spoke French. Until Ryanair started to deliver loads of Brits into this area, only Americans had visited and they never spoke French, we were told!

After lunch we promenaded along the sea front with our dog, Nettles. Trish purchased a light summer blouse to add to her collection.



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