Preparation for letting

6 Jan

So that we can ask the tenant to keep the house in the state they found it, I have been working in the garden. We collected 10 bags of horse manure from our friends Frances & Martin using our new trailer yesterday. Today I have been pruning the bushes and trees. I bought a pocket chain saw recently and tried it out on the apple trees today. It was amazingly easy to use. Normally it would have taken me hours to saw just one branch but I managed to saw about 6 branches off in about one hour. I realised I had allowed the apple and fig trees to grow too tall so that you cannot pick the fruit so I have pruned very drastically this year and hope that they recover well. When I have finished we will be able transport all the debris in the trailer to the local tip.

I am also having to paint one bedroom as it has not been decorated for over 25 years. The problem is that it’s the room we are sleeping in and the bed is one that folds up into a cupboard fixed to the wall. Therefore if we are going to remove the bed before letting, we will need to take down the bed to paint the wall. But then we won’t have anywhere to sleep!

We are currently working out the logistics of dismantling and transporting the garden office to France. So far Richard has done a great job pulling a team together to help us. No doubt you’ll hear more about that next week.

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