Christmas Greetings

18 Dec

We are almost there. More than half our house contents are now stored at the Peace Factory, together with the Smart car. We are living in our house in Kent at present with minimal furniture and kitchen utensils. We are planning to let our house as we could not sell it over the late summer. We have had five people interested in renting since it went on the market two weeks ago. We hope that we will get someone to sign up and move in by the end of January 2013.

We plan to move ourselves and Nettles with the remainder of our belongings to France near the end of January. We hope that many of you will come and visit us over there in the Peace Factory. There are cheap flights from Stansted to Carcassonne and from Gatwick to Toulouse. Montolieu is situated just 20 minutes drive from Carcassonne and one hour from Toulouse. There are cheap flights also from Liverpool to Carcassonne on Thursdays and Sundays.

We are taking over Louise’s apartment and she is having one built for herself above ours. There is room for around 15 apartments in the factory and these will be built over a period of time as people require them. There is also what we call the Little House which is currently used for volunteers to stay in. It consists of a mezzanine floor with 5 bedrooms (one double and four singles) and a communal ground floor with a dining and lounge area and a kitchen. Our apartment has two bedrooms with en-suite showers with a lounge between them. There is also a large room which consists of a lounge area, a dining area and a kitchen. We have a back door which leads out onto a terrace garden and a communal toilet at the back of the lounge. The main entrance is through the training centre at present.

The village of Montolieu is situated in the foothills of the Black Mountain and is called the ‘La Village du Livres’ as it has many small book shops. To see a little more about the area and what we are doing there, have a look at the website and look at the volunteering page then click on the link which says ‘For more detailed information on volunteering see here’. You can also Google Montolieu and take a walk down the streets. We hope to see you there one day.

St John Ambulance has now confirmed the date I can retire is 21 December 2012 so I will not have to return to work in January. Hooray!

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