Almost there

16 Dec

There has been so much to organise moving to another country, least of all working out what we are doing with our house. Having tried to sell it for 4 months with no success, we decided to let it instead. We have found a letting agent who provides a full service and has already found five people interested in renting.

Meanwhile I have been working towards retiring from St John Ambulance and have at last got an agreement which allows me to leave before Christmas. Only 5 working days to go! Having sorted out how I will receive my pension in France I am now working on getting a Carte Vitale to allow us to get free health care in France. We are planning to move permanently in late January. Nettles already has her passport and we have registered her on an international website so that if she was to get lost and found she could be repatriated with us.

The Smart car has already been taken to the Peace Factory for Louise to use as her car died and we are going to share cars and bikes within the community. We are buying a Fiat Tempra with a trailer (second hand from Hugh Hayward) which will also go into the car pool. We will take this down with us laden with the remainder of our goods and chattels in January.

With the help of our friend Sue Whibley, who has lent us an electric frying pan, we have been able to cook the food we had in the freezer in our much depleted kitchen. My new found friend and neighbour Ann has offered to cook any large items like a roast joint or chicken for us and wash our bed linen and dry it for us as we no longer have any white goods in the house. We have such wonderful friends. Thank you all.

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