It’s started

4 Dec

Well, the packing has started! I am writing this in what remains of our living room. All the paintings, mirrors and photographs have been taken down. The kitchen is in disarray as all the stuff has been taken out of the cupboards and placed on the work surfaces, ready for the packing team who arrive later today.

My goodness, have we sorted out some stuff! The shredder was running nearly full time yesterday. We are recycling about half of our possessions. It’s real “life laundry” time. We are finding things we had forgotten we owned. Like a manually operated mincer that Trish’s father used. The number of times I’ve said “I wish I had a mincer” and there was one buried in the back of the cupboard all the time. I’m now convinced that in our new home, all kitchen ware will be stored on shelves or hanging from racks and no cupboards!.

Well, let’s see what today brings by way of packing excitement.

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