23 Nov

Interesting discussion with insurance broker today. How should we insure our possessions with half of them going to France in December and the remainder following in Jan?

Then we have to insure what we are leaving behind until they are taken away to be auctioned. Then we have to insure the house as a landlord as we intend to let it Then we have to arrange contents insurance for our stuff in our new home.

Is it worth it?

One Response to “Insurance!”

  1. Gordon Shone 24 November 2012 at 00:56 #

    Forget the insurances, put half of the premium on a favourite at Longchamp and the other half on a second favourite at Auteuil.
    Chances are nothing will get nicked, if it does, then a fair chance the return will cover the costs – without punitive excess charges.
    If nothing is nicked then you’re quids/francs/euros in, and whatever the outcome, you have had a fun time !

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